About me


I’ve visited 36 out of 217 countries. That is 16.59%.
According to this map, there are 215 countries in the world instead of 196. But I still like it! 

I have been dreaming about opening this travel blog since 2014.  The months were passing by and my blog was still a dream. I needed a bigger impulse that came at the end of 2015, when I traveled around South-East Asia for one month. Wandering with my camera in one hand and my travel journal in the other hand, I was impatient to stop and write about what I’d seen, felt and lived. After I got home, I had to answer to a lot of messages : Did you go on your own, without a travel agency? How much money did you spend? Did you plan the itinerary alone? Is it dangerous? Did you take any vaccines? etc. That was the moment when I decided to stop postponing my blog and open it! After several months of (non)work, resignation, abandon and many other trips, the long-expected moment came : the official launch of my travel blog.

And now that you know how the blog started, you should learn more about myself. It’s easy for me to write about trips, people, anything besides me… That’s why I contacted my closed ones, friends, parents, grandparents, cats and let them describe me. Here’s what they came up with : Ralu is a traveler who packed her life in a suitcase and doesn’t cease to amaze us with her travels. She never seems tired and is always looking for new adventures and experiences. In her journey, this joyful girl, full of energy and with a big smile on her face, meets tens, hundreds of people that she is trying to listen to and understand, no matter how different they are. Spontaneous, positive, ambitious, sometimes stubborn, she manages to reach all her objectives, like there’s no obstacles in the way.

After all these touching words, all I can say is that I am a happy person whose dream is to explore this beautiful world, to meet many  people from all over the world and to inspire the others to travel as much as they can. Travel because money returns, time does not!